Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I keep waiting for You..

I keep waiting for you at the footsteps each day,

And that's how I learn you don't use the same way,

So now I get to know that I need to look some other way,

And that's the story of my, everyday..

I look to the sea and I look to the gardens,

I look for the stories and look for the reasons,

I look through the window and look through the view,

But most of all sweetheart, I look for you..

When you're not around, it drives me crazy,

It's not your fault, but the picture is hazy,

I want to reach out, I'm not that lazy,

But it's just not like me and makes me fuzzy..

So I don't give up hoping this will go away,

And soon you'll see who's always been your way,

I want to ask you but really don't know what to say,

So I keep waiting for you at the footsteps everyday..

-Chetan D


Adwait Deshpande said...

As you are in Mumbai...should i comment in Hindi ya English??
I am gonne take a risk...

I say " bahut badhiya chetan bhai"
mast hai poem..direct dil se likhi lagti hai..sach me

waise kaun hai yeh..jiski raah me aap devdas ban gaye hai...??

excellent !!

Prasanna said...

Waah waah!!
Maan gaye chetan!! Nice poem again!!
waise main yeh padh chuka hu tere collections me pehle hi.. but socha blog pe bhi mere comments kar du ;)
I hope u meet the one u r waiting for at the doorsteps as soon as possible :)

Once more... we want more poems from u dude..

Waiting for more poems at your blog ;)

Anumeha said...

nice :)

amruta said...

its almost kill me yaar...........grt very touching........ keep it up