Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How We Live

I've been into a habit of generalizing things. And its really not new to me. I've been doing it since ages. I really have no regrets as it has been as unintentional as possible. I have clubbed types of people, made strong statements about how behaviours can lead us to our fates and how by acting in specific manners, you can control or lose control over you own destiny.

Eventually, I come to find that people think that I am very decisive and have a strong set of inflexible premonitions about life which I am not ready to change. So, be it. Maybe I am all the rigidity and stubbornness in thought I am accused of. So what? Does that change anything? Probably yes, probably not. That is not something to be written about, just because it wont serve any purpose in a monologue. This is about something else. Not about reasons. Neither about consequences. This is hardly about anything else except for the ACTIONS themselves.

We think, we aspire, we dream, we plan, we strategize, we act, we implement, we succeed, we fail, we rise, we fall, we try, we accept, we believe, we doubt, we love, we hate. Still, at the end of the day, we are not able to decide whether the We behave is exactly what We are or an effect of something else.

We think because we are able to rationally differentiate between shades of life. The sanity of the thought process, hence, depends upon what rationality we are a part of. We aspire because we think that things that are already with us are simply a launchpad and the real goal lies somewhere else. We dream because we love challenging the reality in lieu for something so real that it is simply unacceptable not to have it. We plan to reach the same reality. We implement strategies and wait for the distances between us and the final moments to become acheivably small. We act when we see that, practically, it is possible to gain what we aim at. We implement those ideas which are either risk free or guarantee a return large enough to motivate us to take the risk. We succeed or we fail, and that is just a reflection of efforts and perception towards the degree of success that we carry. We may rise to glory or fall to ashes and that determines a lot of things about the future path of life. We either try to make things better in life or we simply accept what has been imposed, because there is seemingly no other option. We believe in what we think is worth it or what comes from a source which makes it reliable. We doubt things in quite a contrary way. We love what we want to and hate what we wish. There are no explanations, till date that could explain love and hate.

So, all in all, we live by ourselves and live an image which is personification of a figment that had sometime arose in our lateral thinking process. We either believe in that figment and try hard to live up to our own expectations or become dubious of it and continue living up to other people's expectations.

And eventually, we all get defensive. We all know that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is foolproof and perfect, yet we tend to project outwards that whatever the world says, self-acts are the most thoughtful and flawless actions. We tend to forget that everyone is a patient of this ailment and hence, by a li'l bit of speculation, can see through this projected self image.

But then why to care for it, We are what We are. We haven't changed for anyone and do not intend to do so in future. So what the heck am I still trying to prove by writing this? Ohh!! Maybe I am just getting a li'l defensive..

Ahem! So the moral of the story is, live you life as you want to and trust me, everything you do or want to is justified to the world as far as it is justified to you because the entire world works like this.