Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I saw a good man cry, I turned blind eye,
I saw some people sad, I left them to die,
I saw so much injustice, I never raised a brow,
I saw the curtains fall, I never stopped the show.

Whoever said that life is fair, who said there was justice?
Whoever made a picture fair, who told you world was fine?
Whoever said truth will win, who told you treason hurts?
Whoever said honesty pays, who told you deceit won't work?

'Cause I have learnt it one hard way, life is not a dream,
'Cause I know now the cost of it, of chasing it in vain,
'Cause I can see the blurring lines, between the facts of life,
'Cause I now feel the pain of truth, that plunges a cruel knife.

And yet there's hope, that queer little word, that rolls the world around,
And yet there are people so naive who want things back around,
And yet there so much of love, so much of truth that's left,
And yet there is something in me, that wants my innocence back.

The hope that I see, sails boats through the oceans, riding on the waves,
The truth that I see, wants the Sun to shine, and override the dark,
The love that I see, strides through all pain, pacifies the wrath,
The world I want to see, seems like a dream, cruising through the Night.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I keep waiting for You..

I keep waiting for you at the footsteps each day,

And that's how I learn you don't use the same way,

So now I get to know that I need to look some other way,

And that's the story of my, everyday..

I look to the sea and I look to the gardens,

I look for the stories and look for the reasons,

I look through the window and look through the view,

But most of all sweetheart, I look for you..

When you're not around, it drives me crazy,

It's not your fault, but the picture is hazy,

I want to reach out, I'm not that lazy,

But it's just not like me and makes me fuzzy..

So I don't give up hoping this will go away,

And soon you'll see who's always been your way,

I want to ask you but really don't know what to say,

So I keep waiting for you at the footsteps everyday..

-Chetan D