Thursday, October 7, 2010

On My Mind

Haven't been able to write much lately. Work-Life(what's that)-imbalance actually. There have been so many things on my mind.

Work-Mind Numbing
Pressure-It literally makes my back crackle
Home-Err, where is it?
Books-See them once in a while. New genre on the block
TV-Cricket, Sad-Ass realty shows
Internet-Less of FB, More of Databases, research support
Clothes-Washed vs. unwashed
Food-Bad, Spicey, Overcooked, Tasty, Fattening
Friends-Angered, distant, drifting, close, missed, nostalgic, practical
Words-So few to suffice what is the state of my mind
State of mind-No words to explain that
Movies-Any and every, mostly shit
Poetry-Read a few, wrote none
Truth-Still believe in it
God-umm... For later maybe
Wishlist-Huge, unaffordable, and sometimes, over-ambitious
Dream-To wake up
Things-Rose coloured spectacle
Issues-Many, from traffic to future tense
Finances-Gone with the wind
Music-Transit radio, random songs, caller tunes
This post-Irrelevant, unnecessary