Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have a feeling, there is someone around,
I look to be sure, and there's noone to be found, 
It's funny to be, so very spell bound, 
Trust me I am sane, crazy I might sound.  

Technology can do, strange things to you, 
It really is just, my point of view, 
You're closer to people, in your life who are new, 
Still those who were dear, are just a few.  

Being pragmatic, I know its just a passing whim, 
I know I sound, even to myself, little dim, 
So what, can't I fall prey to the same, ol' adversary, 
Why do I believe, everything in life is contrary?  

No sermon delivered, no brain cells beleaguered, 
I have come to believe, my value system's disfigured, 
I think I need to change, have my faith transfigured, 
Lets see, they say, Time can get, everyone delivered!