Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why they can’t make another Breaking Bad and why they shouldn't try!

Walter White is badass. I don’t have another way to begin saying this. There was tons of speculation with regards to the season finale of the epic Breaking Bad. Since the beginning, this show has been surprising (pleasantly and shockingly) everyone. I mean, who would've thought that post-mid-life crisis struck chemistry professor from Albuquerque, New Mexico who broke bad, could throw up such an intense thriller. I suppose then that’s what the selling point of the entire premise. No one did.

(Spoilers Ahead!) From a tangential view, it is a story of a man who feels cheated by life that he was denied the life and fortune he deserved, only to be subjected to a life of wanting and misery (signified by cancer) and decides to snatch it all back and not lose the only other chance that was thrown at him. Walter White is what we call the second coming.

However, if one deeply examines, there are several layers to the story. Take his complex relationship with Jesse Pinkman. In some twisted way, Walt is protective of Jesse. At one point in the story, it looked like he might not care if he had to get rid of his Skyler, his wife of 30 years, but his allegiance to Jesse is definitely something he doesn't want to lose. Jesse Pinkman is the life Walter White would chose if he was given the option. However, Heisenberg wouldn't care for a low-riding car and an oversize jacket. The story clearly demarcates how family guy called Walt is conflicted with the power hungry Heisenberg, and yet, with every passing moment, becomes more Heisenberg, and less Walt!
Be it the cold blooded poisoning of a kid (Brock) or the meticulously planned execution of Gus Fring (his dual identity as the socially responsible Col. Sanders and the druglord aptly ending with a two-faced death); every step Walt takes is both sheer genius and pure evil out of the necessity of providing ; both for his family and his ego (He is in the Empire business – Badass!).

And that’s the reason I don’t take anything away from Walt. He is a genius. He is a family guy. He is the chemist. He is the empire. He is a murderer. He is a solicit father to Holly, Walt Jr (Flynn? What was that?) and even Jesse. He is what every one that was denied what war rightfully theirs wants to be. He is what one desires, but can seldom confess. He is HEISENBERG.