Friday, May 30, 2008


May there be no pain,
No malaise, No hate,
May there be no vice,
No gloom, No spate,

Tell them to rejoice,
Every moment of pain,
Every dice on the board,
Every drop of rain,

And to desire let us say,
You may not now stay,
Like clouds in autumn,
You could now drift away,

'Cause in life we've learnt,
This lesson a hard way,
To want and demand,
Means to lose everyday,

So behold all claims,
Of right and might,
Which take the day light,
Out of sight,

And lets hold on,
To the pilllars of the dome,
That covers us ever,
And leads us back Home..

[Communique means an announcement, a public declaration made to the masses.]



aru said...

Hey buddy..
Great work.. was eagerly waiting for your next post. And this one was surely a pleasure to read. Thoughts are truly nice but for sure far from realty. I dont think that one can ever become such way..
Keep goin.. and post regularly..!!
Why dont u look for some platform where u can get them published as well..!!!!

mahima said...

nicely written.....but seriously this type of world is not possible ......feel like travelling in a dream world

Adwait Deshpande said...

"Tell them to rejoice,
Every moment of pain"...

i like these lines..

nice work bhai..i never knew you were a poet !!!..though wat u want in the poem is in the sense absolute utopia...

i smell a rebellious mood in the poem..may be wrong..but aisa laga...good work..

keep writing..